Caption Max and Von Harris at Willunga, Harris family

Precocious, brilliant and energetic poet, Max Harris, is Adelaide’s own enfant terrible.  In the late 1930s Mx sets out to throw hand grenades at the establishment.  He falls in love with Von Hutton while still at school and they stay together for 55 years. Max promotes modernism in art and literature founding the magazine Angry Penguins and the Contemporary Art Society.  He teams up with art patrons John and Sunday Reed in Melbourne and is riding high when he is targeted in the notorious Ern Malley hoax.  Humiliated, Max turns to book-selling and publishing, but he remains a promoter of Modernism to the end. An interview with Max’s wife, Von Harris, conducted in 2007 forms the backbone of the film. Produced by Rob George music by Guy Cundell. Peter Goers review “Beautifully done”.

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