North Kapunda Hotel Ghost Crime Tours, North Kapunda Hotel.

Kapunda, South Australia is not only the most haunted town in Australia, but home to the most haunted hotel in Australia…The North Kapunda Hotel! Book on a Kapunda Ghost Crime Tour and discover Kapunda’s famous haunted past and it’s rich and fascinating heritage. Who was Sir Sidney Kidman and how at one point did he end up owning 3% of Australia!

We take you down the main street to listen to tales of crime dating back to the early 1800s, back when Kapunda was a bustling mining town and was very nearly the capital of South Australia. We visit the Kapunda Court House and relive some of its most notorious cases and discover the sentences that were handed down to the guilty. We finish inside the North Kapunda Hotel and find out why it is known as Australia’s most haunted pub. 

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