Skirmish Training, courtesy of London Illustrated News.

Enlist for an Afternoon and Shoot With the Noarlunga Volunteer Rifles

Recruit training will be provided for all genders by the Noarlunga Volunteer Rifles (NVR). Learn to load, aim, and fire the famous Pattern 1853 muzzle-loading rifle musket. Pledge allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Victoria and fire ten rounds in an authentic 1860s military range practice. Three thousand Pattern 1853 rifle muskets were used between 1857 and 1870 by volunteer rifle companies in South Australia. This force was raised to defend against a feared French incursion. Since 1992 the Southern Rangers Black Powder and Modern Shooting Club at McLaren Vale have re-enacted the Noarlunga Volunteer Rifles. We use authentic style uniforms and rifles. The NVR compete in shooting competitions, and also perform blank firing demonstrations at local community events. Cost includes ammunition and afternoon tea.

Participants do not need to hold a firearms license. A firearms licence holder with expertise in muzzle loading firearms will be assigned to each participant as a Safety Supervisor. 

Presented by Southern Rangers Black Powder & Modern Shooting Club