Angaston blacksmith at work, Angaston & Penrice Historical Society.

Angaston Blacksmith Shop and Museum

The sound of a hammer tapping on the anvil drifts out into the street and invites you to step back to a time when the blacksmith was the ‘king of trades.’ Watch the bellows fuel the fire as the smithy works at the forge to craft red hot metal in to useful and artistic objects.

Established on the present site in the 1870s by the Doddridge family, it was a place of ideas and work. Young and old alike would come to witness the expertise and listen to the stories of the blacksmith.

Each weekend volunteers of the Angaston and Penrice Historical Society demonstrate the art of blacksmithing and guide you through three rooms of memorabilia. This is a wonderful, immersive experience for the whole family.

Presented by Angaston & Penrice Historical Society