Discover the Adelaide Queer History Tour during History Festival 2023, Flamboyance Tours.

Flamboyance Tours presents the queer history of Adelaide in a 1-hour audio tour through the free VoiceMap app, sharing the stories of LGBT life and people as you visit sites across the city centre. Along the walk, you’ll hear stories ranging from the quirky to tragic. From the death of George Duncan to politicians making their distinguishable mark, understand the LGBT community’s influence in modern-day South Australia. 

Finally, you’ll take most of the Pride March route to appreciate what has led to current societal norms. This is not only a tour about Adelaide’s queer history, but how Adelaide shaped Australian queer history. This is a tour to be done at your own pace, in your own time – pause the tour wherever necessary, or take extra time at any location. 

Presented by Flamboyance Tours