111 Hutt St,1925, State Library of South Australia.

111 Hutt St: 150 Years of History

People have been walking past 111 Hutt St for 150 years. No doubt many have wondered ‘what’s over the fence?’A house is, at first glance, bricks and mortar. But what makes its story sing are the people who lived, worked and played in and around it. 111 Hutt St is no exception. What is exceptional is that the house has survived 150 years, and its occupants have played their part in the great events that have shaped our state and nation. Originally the home of a notable citizen of the state from 1873 to 1902, the house and its occupants have seen the full spectrum of events that shaped the state and nation since then. The house was graced by spectacular verandas until the 1940s. What caused an owner to strip these iconic features from the house? And what of its owner since 1957?

Presented by Naval Military & Airforce Club of SA