Welcome to South Australia's History Festival
1-30 May 2021

South Australia's History Festival is an annual statewide event exploring South Australia's history.

Held throughout May each year, the History Festival explores the state’s places and spaces, stories, collections and ideas that make us who we are.

One of South Australia’s largest open-access community events, the History Festival program features hundreds of events ranging from talks to tours, walks to workshops and exhibitions to special events.

Events happen anywhere: urban and rural, towns, cities and suburbs; in museums and libraries; in boats, trains and buses and mysterious buildings; on the street, by the beach and in nature.

Hear the latest research and tales of the unusual and unknown; from amazing experts to local guides. With hundreds of events to choose from, there’s something for curious minds of all ages.


Event registrations are now open for the 2021 History Festival.


2021 theme: Change

From political change to social change. Changing places, changing minds, changing hearts. Change for the better, change for the worse – on a big or a small scale – and everything in between. The world around us is constantly undergoing change. Change is also a major thread that runs through the histories we share. In 2021, the History Festival is exploring the theme of ‘change’. Event organisers are encouraged to plan events around this idea, in any way they choose.


Open Doors program

Open Doors is a popular program during the History Festival that includes events that explore stories behind heritage buildings, and architectural history. In 2021, Open Doors events will take place throughout May.

South Australia's History Festival began with the first SA History Week in 2004. Find out about the growth of this program into one of South Australia's largest community festivals.