Registration FAQs

Is the festival going ahead in 2021?

Yes! The History Festival will go ahead from 1-30 May.

What kinds of events can be part of the History Festival?

We strongly encourage events that have been developed exclusively for the History Festival. This makes the festival more compelling and stimulating for visitors. Your event may be a completely new idea or a twist/addition to a regular activity. Audiences are looking for things they can’t do at any other time of the year.

To be accepted, all SA History Festival events must:

  • take place in South Australia (unless it is a filmed, pre-recorded or streamed event that is intended to be viewed using a video viewing or streaming service or provider);
  • be available to the public (ie not ‘members only’ or ‘invite only’);
  • connect in a meaningful and demonstrable way to South Australia’s history; and
  • provide a written, spoken or performed interpretation, background, context and/or analysis of historical events or objects, allowing visitors to learn, consider, discuss, experience, share and better understand the subject of the event. For this reason, any event with the selling or trading of goods as its main focus is not eligible to participate in the History Festival.

Can I still register in-person events in 2021?

Yes – absolutely, as long as it meets the COVID-19 rules and restrictions at the time of the event.

If official changes to COVID-19 restrictions mean that your event cannot continue at all (in person or online) and needs to be cancelled, you will receive a full refund of your registration fee.

Can I charge an entry fee to the public for attending my event?

Yes. Whether or not you charge audiences to attend your events is up to you, and you set the price. The History Trust does not take a percentage of your ticket sales – any and all proceeds/donations go straight to you.

Can I sell items to raise funds for my organisation at my event?

Yes, so long as selling items is not the only thing that happens at your event (see event criteria above).

How can History Festival events be COVID safe?

Carefully and regularly check the Government’s updates on the latest changes to rules and restrictions (links below). Complete a COVID safe plan or a COVID management plan, depending of the size and type of activity you have planned. Signage and resources can be found on the Safe Work Australia website. If you are charging an entry fee, make sure you have a refund policy in place before you start selling tickets, so you’ll know exactly what to do if the situation changes.

Visit the following websites for more information:

What is the theme for the 2021 History Festival?

This year's History Festival theme is Change.

How do I register an event?

Head over to the registration page and follow the prompts to log in or create an account. Once you have successfully logged in, click create a new event on the Dashboard page to start filling out the form.

My event will run several sessions throughout May. Do I need to fill out a separate form for each session?

Registrations are per event not per session. For example, you might run the same tour multiple times during the History Festival. This counts as one event and one registration. If you register two different events (eg an exhibition and a tour) they will require separate listings so you would need to fill out a new form for each.

When will the program be released?

The online program will be launched in late March. The exact date will be announced soon.

Why won’t my event be listed in a printed program this year?

Given the uncertain nature of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021, we want to be flexible as possible with our timelines. Once a printed program is produced, it cannot be edited. Creating the printed program also requires a long lead time between registrations closing and launch date. To allow for an extended registration period and delayed deadline for event organisers, we decided against a full printed program this year. We will still be providing dedicated event listing pages for all events on the History Festival website. We will produce a shorter History Festival printed booklet to promote the History Festival overall, but it won’t include individual event listings. We have also expanded our digital advertising campaign to ensure the History Festival gets as much exposure as possible in the lead up to and during May.

What is the deadline for registering events?

Earlybird registrations close 5pm Monday 1 February. Standard registrations close 5pm Monday 1 March.

How much does it cost to register?


Level 1:

Community and incorporated organisations (fewer than 200 members), schools

Level 2:

State & local government organisations, for-profit businesses & enterprises, large not-for-profits (greater than 200 members) and universities.

One event

Earlybird: $35
Standard: $45

Earlybird: $55
Standard: $75
Each additional eventEarlybird: $15 per event
Standard: $20 per event
Earlybird: $25 per event
Standard: $35 per event


What are the benefits to taking part?

  • A dedicated event page on the History Festival website. This includes up to four (4) images, your 100-word event description, contact and booking details. In 2019, the History Festival website had more than 60,000 visits during the festival.
  • Professionally printed A3 festival posters and A2 event signage.
  • The right to use the SA History Festival brand to promote your event.
  • Advice and support from the History Festival team.
  • Exclusive info sessions, webinars and workshops presented by History Trust staff.
  • Benefit from an overarching statewide History Festival promotional campaign: Saturday Advertiser insert, our festival website, expanded digital advertising, social media and traditional media.
  • SA History Festival marketing kit: social media templates, print templates, web badges and more.
  • Ability to communicate with a history-loving audience across South Australia.

I have a credit for 2021 – how do I claim it?

A number of event organisers asked for their 2020 event registration fees to be rolled over to the 2021 History Festival. If this is you, your credit amount will be automatically deducted from your total once you get to the point of paying for your event registrations. We will contact these event organisers individually with more information as registrations open.

Please make sure you log in using the same account that was used to register in 2020.

If you have any questions or issues, please contact the History Festival team.

I have a credit for our registration fee but we’ve decided not to participate in the 2021 History Festival. Can I get a refund?

Yes – if you would like a refund let us know in writing by 5pm, Wednesday 10 March 2021. Refunds will not be given past this date. Credits can only be used for the 2021 History Festival and cannot be rolled over into any future History Festivals, so it is important that you let us know your intentions before 10 March.

I paid for a print program image in 2020 – can I get a refund considering there’s no print program in 2021?

Yes. Anyone with credit for a print program image will be automatically refunded. We will contact you directly with further details.

Can I register after the deadline?

Yes, but you may miss out on some early promotion, access to exclusive marketing materials, being part of the program launch and potential media exposure.

Will we still receive printed marketing materials such as posters and corflutes?

Yes – you will still receive official posters and venue signage to show that you are part of the History Festival.

Is the Poetry Takeover Challenge happening in 2021?

Yes! The Poetry Takeover Challenge is a program for school students in years 4-9. Participants are invited to ‘take over’ their local museum and create a poem in response to the objects on display. Visit the dedicated Poetry Takeover website for more information and sign up for the newsletter.