2020 History Festival theme announced

History Festival 2020 theme: Change

From political change to social change. Changing places, changing minds, changing hearts. Change for the better; change for the worse; on a big or a small scale and everything in between. The world around us is constantly undergoing change. Change is also a major thread that runs through the histories we share.

In 2020, the History Festival is exploring the theme of ‘change’. We invite event organisers to plan events around this idea, in any way they choose.

Starting points may include:

  • Changemakers: people, organisations or movements that have pushed for or inspired change.
  • Impacts of political, social, cultural, economic, environmental or technological changes.
  • Turning points: moments of change.
  • Continuity: what hasn’t changed? And why?

(Note: adherence to the theme is not compulsory)

Event registrations for the 2020 History Festival will open soon. Stay tuned for further information.

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Image: Rudi Deco Photography