History Festival blog

The History Festival blog takes you behind the scenes as we plan the event.

Magic, Mystery and Murals

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to sit down with a hot cuppa and read the 2018 History Festival program cover to cover while listening to the rain – true romance for a history geek like myself.

History Festival workshops

To help you plan for the History Festival in May 2018, the team has put together a series of Ideas Exchange sessions and Ideas Incubator workshops. 

Why not join us to find out the latest news from History Festival HQ, and to meet other event organisers and share ideas.

Farewell from Hilda - Part 2

On 14/8 (Mon), I had my second visit to the storerooms of the Maritime Museum. I was impressed when I could see and touch the objects/artefacts for the first time, and know about the history and background of some of them.

Farewell from Hilda - Part 1

Time flies and the last two weeks of my stay in Adelaide were stable, and I began to miss the city since I have adapted to and enjoyed the life here.

My first week in Adelaide

In the early morning on 16 July, I travelled to Adelaide by myself, followed by the first week of internship during my stay in Adelaide, in the identity of a foreign student from Hong Kong to work in History Trust of South Australia.