Z Ward Asylum, Haunted Horizons.

Z Ward Asylum: Dark History Tour

Come with us on a journey through the human side of Z Ward – ward for the ‘criminally insane’. Allow us to put the faces to this intriguing place.

We introduce you to ten of the historical inmates, all incarcerated there for the heinous crime of murder. We look at their crime, what drove them to do it, their victims and finally their fate.

  • What drove a successful jockey to murder and why couldn’t the Adelaide Gaol handle him?
  • A palm reader predicted to a friend ‘you will not live long with one husband’… the husband was found dead shortly after.
  • How did a murderer end up residing at a University in Edinburgh?

These are just a few of the stories, there are many more.

Haunted Horizons proudly support Beyond Blue by donating money from the profits of each ticket sold.

Presented by Adelaide Haunted Horizons