Image: Jake Holmes, Writing the Climate (Scott) (detail), 2020. Photograph: Sam Roberts.

Writing the Climate (Don’t be Scared) by Jake Holmes

Writing the Climate (Don’t be Scared) is an exhibition of selected prints by Jake Holmes, which aims to re-contextualise 1980’s environmentalism for our current time. While there are many concerns for today’s environmentalists, climate change is at the forefront. Jake utilises the alphabet to illustrate some key factors contributing to the increase and immpact of climate change. Fundamentally, the alphabet allows the communication of complicated ideas with just 26 simple symbols. In Jake’s work, symbols becomes an individual poster which allows the work to be rewritten and recreated to emphasise different voices and perspectives.- Writing the Climate references the political poster archive held by Flinders University Museum of Art, where Jake undertook a Guildhouse artist residency in 2019.

Presented by Conservation SA