Colonel Light's brig the Rapid at Rapid Bay 1836, Royal Geographical Society of South Australia collection.

Wonder on South Australia From 1832

We ask visitors to wonder on how have the events that unfolded in the British Parliament from 1832 shaped the state South Australia and the adjacent states and territories.

The populations in the European states and republics were burgeoning through the Indstrial Revolution and new places from which to import raw materials needed to be sourced. The new materials were critical for European consumption and living standards. The need for labour and capital to source and support those materials was paramount. The Far East and Oceania were the new sources of materials, Australia one such country targetted.

Through Parlimetary lobbying in Great Britain a new colony was established, South Australia. Wonder how was this new colony established, what were to flow on effects to the country.

Presented by Royal Geographical Society of South Australia