Whispering curtains doilies, Fiona Connell.

‘Whispering Curtains’: Art Exhibition by Fiona Connell

Celebrate your family history with our artist in residence, Fiona Connell, and her heart-warming installation, Whispering Curtains from 8 May to 2 Jun.

If walls can walk, then curtains whisper. Fiona pays homage to grandmothers everywhere through revitalising vintage doilies by embroidering them with the wisdom of our grandmothers. She sees this as a way of recording what could soon be lost words of wisdom from our families as well as honouring the exquisite workmanship in these old textiles that now rarely see the light of day. You’re invited to sit with the artist whilst she stitches your saying onto a doily and share a story about your grandma, or attend a workshop. The final pieces will create a permanent installation.

Presented by Charles Sturt Libraries