South Australian Railways tank locomotive F-Class 188 arrives with a passenger train to West Croydon, James Gauci.

West Croydon Railway Station in 1949

Come and look at this fantastic layout for one night only. Based on years of research, interviews and artefacts. This 5-year project captures the ‘Romance of the South Australian Railways’ and what the station and the surrounding suburb of West Croydon used to look like, in miniature!

The event showcases this fascinating area of Adelaide’s western suburbs and how railways connected people, families, communities, and local economies more than 70 years ago. Over 1500 hours have been committed to this project by the layout creator, James Gauci. Every detail of this layout has been painstakingly made by hand to recreate the area as close as possible to as it was in 1949.

An event for all ages!

Presented by James Gauci