Restored Vickers Vimy converted bomber on exhibition, Adelaide Airport.

Adelaide Airport’s Vickers Vimy Exhibition commemorates the first official flight from England to Australia – the Air Race of 1919 with Adelaide brothers Ross and Keith Smith. The restored Vickers Vimy converted bomber (registration G-EAOU) flown by the famous aviators is housed inside the terminal for public display. The epic long-distance flight was made just 16 years after the Wright Brothers flew the first-ever powered aircraft.

Adelaide Airport, the South Australian Government and the Australian Government have worked together to continue the legacy of this historic aircraft. Adelaide Airport welcomes you to the Vickers Vimy exhibition and encourages you to learn and be inspired by the feat of the Vickers Vimy and its crew. Tour guides will be available from 10:30am-11:30am on Tuesday 2 and 16 and Thursday 11 and 25 May for further information and questions.

Presented by Adelaide Airport