First QRpedia QR code at the Hamburgmuseum, Christoph Braun.

Using QR Codes as Historical Signage

QR Codes seem to be everywhere these days. They have many advantages over conventional signage. They are cheap, and can be replaced if vandalised. Their informational content can be updated and augmented over time. They can be linked to other sites, images and even video and audio. But if you don’t have a computer genius in your group, how do you know where to begin?

Recently the Mount Barker Branch of National Trust SA, a group with little digital expertise, decided to explore the use of QR Codes to give people access to historical biographies in the old part of the Mount Barker Cemetery. They will share what they learned as they believe the technology may benefit other groups or individuals working on projects that require easy and quick access to online information.


Presented by Mount Barker Community Library