War Memorial Oak tree in Cresswell Gardens outside Southern Gate of Adelaide Oval, Treenet Website.

The Wonder of Trees, Communities and Avenues of Honour

Join us as Tim Johnson explores how trees can benefit individuals, unite families and communities. Or how they can cause division and destruction, relevant to their position in the landscape and how well they are maintained. There are challenges in establishing and maintaining these large living organisms in towns and cities, but the environmental and human benefits they deliver are broad.

Treenet was founded in 1997, wth the aim to better integrate and maximise the benefit of trees into our cities. Their focus on education and research supports the allied professionals in providing trees that better serve our communities.

The project documenting 600 Avenues of Honour aims to replace those trees lost in time so our Diggers and their living memorials are remembered now and in the future.


Presented by Fleurieu Peninsula Family History Group