Prof David David AC with patient Sofia, Craniofacial Australia.

The Wonder of Changing Faces: The Australian Craniofacial Unit 1974-2018

The Australian Craniofacial Unit, founded by a group of Adelaide doctors led by Prof David David AC, would become the world’s leading craniofacial unit, whose model would be replicated in other parts of the world.

The multi-desciplinary approach to craniofacial surgery was developed by Frenchman Dr Paul Tessier. It was through many hours training with Dr Tessier that Prof David’s drive to establish a craniofacial unit in SA was inspired. 

Prof David will take you on a journey of the wonder of changing faces and, in so doing, changing the lives of people born with craniofacial deformity, or who have suffered head trauma. He will talk about the political landscape in the early 1970s which enabled the establishment of the world famous Australian Craniofacial Unit here in SA.

Presented by Craniofacial Australia