Samuel Davenport acknowledged for his gift, Diane Wilson.

The Village of Beaumont Walk: Childhood Memories

Visit the location of the village of Beaumont or ‘beautiful mount’, laid out around Beaumont Common. Learn about Sir Samuel Davenport’s role in 1849 in establishing this village and its ‘pleasure grounds’. Wander through The Common to admire vegetation from pre-European times. Walk through a nearby heritage olive grove to Gleeville, the site of the first house built at Beaumont. Learn abouts its residents, past and present.

After walking through The Common, take a short drive to Beaumont House, built in 1848, view this National Trust building and its gardens.  Be entertained on this walk by stories of children of the 1950’s and 60’s who played in The Common and Gleeville olive grove.

It is essential you wear comfortable walking shoes. 

Presented by Burnside Historical Society