A special outing of E1 Type tram No. 111 at Kensington Gardens for the Australian Electric Traction Association Convention, 1 April 1956, Tramway Museum, St Kilda, SA Collection.

The Rise and Fall of Adelaide’s Trams: A Guided Tour of the Tramway Museum

Trams, whether horse-drawn or electric, have adorned the streets of Adelaide for more than 140 years. While the network of today will take you from City to bay or onto Hindmarsh, many are surprised to learn the full extent to which the network once spread. Join us on a guided tour of the Tramway Museum, St Kilda, as we reflect on the rise, fall, and rebirth of trams in Adelaide.

  • Hear about the inception of tramways in Adelaide with the opening of the horse-drawn line to Kensington.
  • Learn about the introduction and development of electric tram lines starting in 1909.
  • Step inside the fleet of historic and preserved trams which served the citizens of Adelaide.
  • After the tour, ride a selection of trams on return trips to the St Kilda Adventure Playground.

Presented by The Tramway Museum