Burial of the Somerton Man on 14 June 1949. By his grave site is Salvation Army Captain Em Webb, leading the prayers, attended by reporters and police, public domain.

Stories of the Everyday: West Terrace Cemetery

Discover stories of everyday South Australians – from the triumphant to the tragic, the society pages to the scandalous underbelly, and the surprising to the strange. Behind the eminent names immortalised in the history books are the thousands of everyday people who make a society what it is. Collectively their fascinating and long-forgotten stories paint a vivid picture of life and death.

There are 20 points of interest on this self-guided loop walk; each is marked with an interpretive panel. Start your journey just inside the main entrance at stop one, opposite the old curator’s cottage. The digital guide and brown way finding markers will help guide you through the cemetery.

Duration: 60 minutes
Distance: 1.8 kilometre loop-walk
Level: Easy
Digital Guide: https://bit.ly/WTC_SOE

Presented by Adelaide Cemetery Tours