Kensington SA, G. Barker.

St Matthew’s Church Historic Walking Tour

Buildings aren’t static. Each generation adds to the needs of the church, reflecting dedication and commitment to the faith and belief of the church and St Matthew’s Kensington for over 175 years. In 1944, Rev. Harold Giles a rector with a strong social conscience took note of the deficient dwellings of some parishioners in Kensington. He contacted the government minister responsible for housing about the situation to little avail. However, in 1961 descendants of Rev TP Wilson purchased land adjacent to St. Matthew’s Hall in Bridge Street for the development of elderly citizens’ homes, known as ‘St. Matthew’s Homes for the Aged Incorporated.’ Although the homes operate as a separate entity from Matthew’s church, close liaison was envisaged with the parish; the Chairman of the Board for the first twenty years was a parishioner.

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