Sir Paul E Strzlecki, public domain.

Sir Paul E Strzlecki 1797-1873 Australian Explorer and Irish Humanitarian

An exhibition in two parts on the amazing life of the Polish Explorer and Scientist, Sir Paul Edmund Strzelecki.

Part one presents his impact on Australian economic development 1839-1843 due to his exploration, scientific discoveries and personal endeavours. He also contributed to the opening up of travel from Sydney to Melbourne and farming in Gippsland, as well as discovering Australia’s highest mountain and naming it Mt Kosciuszko.

Part two presents his humanitarian deeds as a British Government Commissioner of Irish Hunger Relief during the potato famine from 1847-1849.  During this time his initiatives saved over 200,000 children and an unknown number of adults from starvation through opening schools where children were fed a substantial meal and introduced to hygienic practices.

Presented by Polish Hill River Church Museum