The Cattle King by Ion E. Idriess, Speaking Made Easy.

Sidney Kidman: The Cattle King and King of the Outback

Sidney Kidman was born in 1857 at Black Hill, Fifth Creek in Athelstone.  Aged 13, Sidney left home with 50c and a one-eyed horse, and ‘went bush’ to work on pastoral properties.  Hard working, thrifty and resourceful, Sidney became known as ‘The Cattle King’ and the ‘King of the Outback’. 

Kidman’s story is both fascinating and inspiring.   From small beginnings he became one of Australia’s most successful landowners. He owned 85,000 square miles, including 100 sheep and cattle stations.  

Come along and hear Helen Thiselton, (Local History Officer, Campbelltown City Council) relate how Kidman bought cattle and land and made ‘the long paddock’.

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