Production still, Maarten Daudeij

Secret Sharing: A Cloak for Love

Visitors to the Prospect Hill Historical Museum are treated to a unique augmented reality experience, created by artist and poet Maarten Daudeij PhD, in collaboration with the museum. Follow Spirit Avatar ‘Cera’, a culmination of past inhabitant’s stories, folded into Daudeij’s poetry, as they invite us to trace a tapestry of hidden musings and secret sharing!

This exhibition is a great opportunity for both children and adults to share and wonder over contemporary technology, amidst the cultural narrative and history of this place.

Visitors can access the AR-trail through their smart devices or via QR-codes using Facebook or Instagram. Be aware that not all smart devices support AR. The museum will attempt to make a suitable device available. Please inform prior to your visit on the day. 

Presented by Prospect Hill Historical Museum