SA Missionary Teichelmann portrayed in stained glass in the Marienkirche in Dahme, Germany. Photo courtesy Carsten Rostalsky.

SA-German Connections: Networks, Travel, Business and Communications

Migrants to South Australia kept connections with people and institutions in Europe. Interchange of people and goods, knowledge and ideas included families migrating and returning home; trade, industry and political links; letters and recruitment; studies and scientific exchange; church networks; war relief and post-war aid. Hear about disgruntled returnees, families reunited, seeking a spouse, the Godeffroy line and Burra copper, Schomburgk’s ‘chook’ and museum specimens, church bells from the Kaiser, Franco-Prussian War relief, post-war Care parcels, Polish re-enactments, Kaurna letters as World Memory, a stained glass portrait in a German church and Aranda Songkeepers of German hymns.  


Presented by German Heritage Research Group