RELICS: A New World Rises, Relics Exhibitions.

The year is 2530. Humans have long since left planet Earth. What remains is little more than an abandoned pile of decaying objects and a scattered population of LEGO® Minifigures. 

No one knows when the Minifigs rose to inherit the planet. After seeking shelter in the wreckage of Earth, tiny civilisations sprung up among the relics of humankind, each one evolving to adapt to their chosen home. 

RELICS: A New World Rises is an exciting new touring exhibition premiering at the South Australian Museum by artists/creators Alex Towler and Jackson Harvey, winners of Channel 9 LEGO® Masters. This unique mixed media exhibit combines human artefacts with intricate LEGO® civilisations. Evoking nostalgia and fresh curiosity, audiences young and old are invited to explore the world within a world.

Presented by South Australian Museum