Residents, Bowden/Brompton, 1980s, The Hindmarsh Pughole newspaper, July/August 1984, front page.

Recollections Re-enactments

From 1981 to 1986 thirty three long term residents of Hindmarsh were interviewed by Karen Joyce, a local and current resident. These were published in The Hindmarsh Pughole community newspaper as a series entitled Recollections. Some of these residents were born in 1900. The youngest in 1926.

This event will present actors playing out the parts of some of these mostly deceased residents from Adelaide’s oldest town Hindmarsh, and its suburbs, predominantly Bowden and Brompton.

The enactments will be backdropped by vintage photos from the times, sourced from the State Library of South Australia’s photographic collections.

Sometime in 2023 the complete interviews with images will be published as the Recollections Collection.

Presented by Hindmarsh Residents Association Community Archive Group