Quorn Railway Station, 1900, SLSA B17431.

Railways: A Wonderous Journey

Visit the Pichi Richi Railway and experience the Great Northern Railway that was built from Port Augusta to Quorn in 1879, to serve mining and pastoral enterprises in the far north of the colony. The new transportation system meant a passenger could reach their destination at a cracking pace of 15 mph and the vast outback was within everyone’s scope. Learn about communication through the Overland Telegraph with relays at railway stations and the social benefits of travel, employment and entertainment of international standard with celebrated acts such as the Marvellous Corricks.

A railway journey is a most wonderous adventure. Take a trip on the Pichi Richi Railway through the picturesque Flinders Ranges in heritage carriages, each of which has a tale to tell. 

Presented by Pichi Richi Railway