Postcards from the Edge: Making History Matter – Conlon & Lindsey

For 50 years Keith Conlon OAM has been celebrating South Australian history on television and radio, but after five years as Chair of the SA Heritage Council he will be exploring fresh horizons. Dr Kiera Lindsey has been researching and writing history in the academy and presenting Australian history on television and radio for over 20 years and is now passionately advocating to ‘give the past a future now’ at the History Trust of South Australia.

In this wide-ranging fireside in-conversation rich with anecdotes, Keith and Kiera will explore why South Australian history matters as well as who cares about ‘history’ and ‘heritage’ in twenty-first-century Australia and why. This is also a People’s Forum where you can tell us what you think about everything from the way history is taught to how understanding the past has enriched your life.

Presented by History Trust of South Australia