Roller Mill, Stansbury Museum collection.

No Technology: How Did it Work?

Step back in time and visit the Stansbury Museum. View our display of eye-catching items such as the town map set in table-top with photos of original buildings. Use an old telephone, play fireman or imagine old-fashioned housework. Residence rooms are from c. 1910 with unique paintings and rare clothing. We display collections representing hobbies and farming practises with various implements and tools. 

The collection evolves as new items are donated and our volunteer guides bring olden times to life. Common phrases heard are “I remember” or “Grandma had one of those” or “It’s larger than it looks from the front”.

The building was erected in 1878 and required larger premises by 1908. Headmaster occupied the refurbished area until 1974 and a modern residence was built next door. A precis of building and plans is detailed on the hand-out at the front desk.

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