Luhrs Cottage, Darlene Cooper.

Luhrs Cottage: Let’s Discover Local Farming Practices

Local Light Pass Agricultural Bureaus and the Frost Combating Committee assisted those on the land. How did these Bureaus complement each other? What part did the Women’s Bureau play? Frost was devastating in the early 1930s and various types of protection was tried before the popular oil frost pots were used. These pots did protect some of the crops, however the frost still persisted until finally the Frost Committee concluded that the rough ploughed ground attracted frost and therefore the ground should be left smooth while there is a danger of frost.

You may wonder: Is the practice of leaving the ground unploughed still in place? How was a frost pot used? How did they forecast a frost?  What was a Vine Burner used for? Our display will help you discover these and many other questions.

Presented by Luhrs Cottage Preservation Society