Book cover of 'Four years in a red coat' in front of an antique typewriter, Peter Monteath and Wakefield Press.

Loveday Internment Camp: Hidden Histories Author Talk With Peter Monteath

Loveday Internment Camp in South Australia’s Riverland was the largest civilian internment camp in Australia during World War II, and yet many aspects of its history have remained hidden from public view.

This presentation by Peter Monteath will shed light on Loveday’s remarkable history as an important part of the war on the home front, as home to thousands of internees from many parts of the world, and as a heritage site of national and international significance. To understand internment from the perspective of the internees, the talk will delve into the recently published interment camp diary of Miyakatsu Koike, a Japanese man who spent four years in Loveday wearing a red coat.

Presented by Charles Sturt Libraries