Lindsay Park,the estate of George and Rosetta Angas, prominent Baptists, on 'Peramangk' country, B7317, State Library of South Australia.

Little Wonder: SA Baptist Attitudes to First Nation Peoples 1836 to 1886

This talk by Dr John Walker, a historian and retired pastor, explores the assumptions and attitudes to First Nation people that Baptists brought with them to SA and how their attitudes developed in the first 50 years of colonization. Their views reflected biblical notions about the value of all people but were also influenced by assumptions about the superiority of British civilization. The former of these notions led some Baptists to attempt to evangelize First Nations people and to protect them from some of the worst depredations of colonists. The latter played a central part in condoning the seizure of the land from the first inhabitants and also in justifying attempts to engage in a ‘civilizing mission’. Baptist attitudes were not substantially different to those of other colonists.

Presented by SA Baptist History Group