From One Small Seed a Forest is Born, N Bonney.

Listen to the Land: Our Australian Landscape, Restoring it From Settlement

Join us for a two hour presentation by Neville Bonney, author of From One Small Seed a Forest is Born; Restoring Australian Landscapes from Coast to Coast.

‘Listen to the Land’ as Neville dissects the rapid removal of 80% of our natural landscape and associated biodiversity, within the past century. While we cannot go back, we can use history to look to the future. Neville has over 50 years of experience and will explain with optimism how you can be a part of the movement to restore some of these fragmented landscapes.  

Neville Bonney has spent a lifetime promoting Australian native plants and educating people about the importance and conservation value of what he describes as our National Estate.  

This is a free event sponsored by The Friends of the Victor Harbor Library.

Presented by Victor Harbor Library