Factory of Thomas Illman & Sons at Balaklava 1909-1922, Balaklava Museum archives.

Illman’s Awesome Agricultural Achievements

Illmans, the last big machinery makers in Balaklava, bought Blake’s foundry in 1909, producing some of the largest agricultural machinery in Australia. Their advertising included wagons, strippers, motor winnowers and chaffcutters. The Milong harvester 1912 was claimed to be the world’s largest, made for Young & Ralli of Young NSW.

The large hay elevator, one of only two known, spent its working life in Riverton chaff mills, and now stands magestically on display at Balaklava, restored by museum volunteers.

Illmans are recorded as the first local business to install electric lighting/power in their premises in 1911.

In 1922, after being taken over by J.H.Horwood & Co., a train was chartered to take a huge shipment of strippers, winnowers and steel wagons from Balaklava to WA.

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