A 1,000, 000 volt Tesla coil in operation, Sir Thomas Playford ETSA Museum.

History, Development and Use of Electricity in South Australia

The ETSA Museum is dedicated to a wide collection of machinery and apparatus used by SAPN, ETSA and previously the Adelaide Electric Supply Company (AESCo) in the generation, distribution and use of electricity in South Australia.
The Museum has a large collection of commercial appliances & electrical equipment, with over 1,000 exhibits, dating from the 1890s. Including energy meters, light bulbs, various testing equipment, and a working 1,000,000 Volt Tesla Coil which is sure to surprise all with its 1 metre long Arc. We also have an ETSA 1950 Morris Van and a 1967 Dodge Line Truck both in road-worthy condition.

Presented by Sir Thomas Playford ETSA Museum