Little Marion peering down one of the many wells in the Village, Marion Village Museum.

Historic Wonder Through Little Marion’s Eyes

Take a walk through the original Village of Marion as surveyed by Colonel William Light and Co in 1838. You will visit the five ‘Little Marion’ statues (created by Gerry McMahon) situated throughout the Village. Each of these statues depicts events regarding the childhood memories of the late Margaret Pill as described in her book Yesterday’s Child. At each site, you will hear about the memories and how they relate to the history of Marion as well as describe how the early villagers lived, worked and played in what was a much simpler age.

A visit to the Marion Village Museum and a sumptuous Devonshire Tea will round out the afternoon. A copy of Yesterday’s Child will be given to all attendees.

Spaces are strictly limited so bookings are essential.


Presented by Marion Village Museum