Historic Paech Barn just outside of Hahndorf with timber framed in the Germanic style, Juyang.

Hahndorf History and Visit to Paech’s Barn With Morning Tea

Everyone seems to have a special story they love. The story of Hahndorf and its settlers captured my heart years ago and will remain forever. I am sure it will capture your heart too. 

The folk who named and settled on this land were Old Lutherans and their story is full of courage and intrigue. We commence the tour in the third Lutheran church built in Hahndorf to reflect on their frightening but exciting adventure arriving in South Australia in 1838. ‘Why?’ I hear you asking and ‘why did they choose SA?’

Well that’s part of the ‘Wonder’ of this story!

A short walk up to Beerenberg Farm where we will enter another historic buiding built by master builder Faehrmann. Let’s enjoy morning tea together before we explore the special story of the Paech family in the Beerenberg Farm Cafe and shop.


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