St Bede's Anglican Church, The Anglican Parish of Semaphore.

Guided History Tours of St Bede’s Anglican Church

This beautiful historic church holds the secrets of social change in Semaphore since 1878. Come on this guided tour to discover the beauty and serenity of this living place of worship. See the beautiful stained glass windows, reflecting changes in art and society and see the World War I Memorial board and read the stories of the men enlisted from Semaphore. Hear the story of the changing interior reflecting the developments in theological and church history and consider the changing emphases in ministry over time reflected in the development of the site. Inspect old records, bulletins and artefacts and read the memorials on the walls. Come and discover the wonders of this beautiful place of worship.

Tour takes 30 minutes then spend as long as you like investigating.

Presented by The Anglican Parish of Semaphore