No mice in our kitchen, Mark Taylor.

Good Housekeeping c. 1923

In 1923 caring for your home was seen as primarily women’s work.  For those who enthusiastically embraced their role, they were considered ‘house proud’.

How did housewives clean in the past, when roads weren’t paved and wood fires emitted soot.

Learn and experience housekeeping techniques from past generations and appreciate how technology has simplified the processes.  

Try a hand at 1900’s vacuuming, knife polishing or laundry days with scrubbing board and heavy irons.

On the day interpretive signs will invoke interest and hands-on activities will invoke a sense of awe in how they coped with daily chorses.

So join in the spirit of Good Housekeeping by dusting where you see a need. 

Presented by Tea Tree Gully Heritage Museum