'Flight' book cover image, Jorji Gardener.

Flight: Speaking of Bird Life, Extinction and Loss

Discover the relationship between a nineteenth-century collection of bird eggs and species loss as we explore what happened to the Adelaide Reedbeds and the consequences for the birds that once lived there.

Join us for a conversation with Jorji Gardener, artist and conservationist as she talks about her collaboration with the SA Museum and Artlab, and the discovies she made about the Reedbeds and our local birds.

Hear about the inspiration provided by a historic birds’ egg collection, which led Jorji to create an illustrated notebook Flight, documenting the stories of the birds that once lived in the Adelaide Reedbeds before urbanisatoin and habitat loss.

Come and enjoy a celebration of the beauty of our native bird life, and our connection with nature.

Books available for sale.


Presented by Henley & Grange Historical Society