The Elysium Fields Grand Parlour. Photo: Robyn Ravenna

Elysium Fields Death at a Seance: Costumed Murder Mystery Dinner.

Ever wonder about Victorian Spiritualism?  Death at a Seance, held in a grand parlour built in 1880, is a multi-faceted event combining a historical talk about Victorian Spiritualism with a Seance which morphs into the Murder Mystery proper. Clues will be dispersed by and to your character during pre-dinner socialisation and the lavish buffet dinner. You will be assigned a character and appropriate costume is a must! This intimate event will be limited to 18 guests. You will be given background information on your assigned character, dress and prop suggestions and a personality brief. For those more reserved participants, you only have to deliver the set pieces of information to specified guests as will be provided. Accomodation options available in the area.


Presented by Robyn Ravenna