'Was ... Still Is', Helen Stacey and 'Budgerigars', Kathleen Cain.

Early Fleurieu Farm Sites and Fauna Exhibition

This joint Exhibition, held at the Helen Stacey Studio/Gallery, brings together two talented artists who share a love of this area and its wildlife. Helen’s expressive landscape paintings of early farm sites pair with realist drawings of fauna by wildlife artist Kathleen Cain. Both artists reflect on and are aware of the impact of settlement on not only First Nations People, Peramangk and Ngarrindjeri, but also local fauna. Helen’s paintings have titles indicating First Peoples sites.

Helen’s Studio/Gallery is set in Old Strathalbyn (off North Parade). Early settlers built their workers stone cottages in this small network of streets. There is the first butcher shop, cottage hospital, one-teacher school, coffin maker’s house and, a ‘little house of ill repute!’ (map available).    


Presented by Helen Stacey and Kathleen Cain