Crystal Brook History Room, Brandis Street Crystal Brook Photograph by Christeen Schoepf 2023

Discovering Your Ancestral Story In Crystal Brook

Come and visit the Crystal Brook History Group to discover your ancestors. With assistance from local historians and genealogists peruse school enrolments and photographs; business, volunteer and sporting records; house histories and streetscapes; cemetery records and unpublished family histories. Then you can see how your ancestors lived, worked and played at the Heritage Centre just down the road. View the underground bakery which is one of only several remaining in SA; check out the 1914 washing machine, old shop, doctor’s room, and local military history including that of VC winner, Arthur Sullivan. While you are here, you can also visit the cemetery, train spot and venture out to Bowman Park and walk among relics of the first local pastoral settlement. Publications will be for sale.

Presented by Crystal Brook History Group & Crystal Brook Heritage Centre