Confrontation at The Terminus Hotel, Malcolm Edward-Cole.

Days in the Sun: An Artistic Response to Strathalbyn History

Stationmaster’s Art Gallery resides in the historic Stationmaster’s cottage in the historic town of Strathalbyn. Our members are presenting an exhibition responding to the history of Strathalbyn and surrounds, each in their own unique way. Mediums used are pottery, paint, pencil, pastel, cyanotypes, paper, mixed media and diorama’s. Each artwork will have a story next to it about the artwork and how it relates to Past, Present, Wonder or you can simply enjoy the imagery.

The Stationmaster’s Art Gallery is celebrating its 25th year of being open and welcomes you through its doors.

Come spend a day in the historic town of Strathalbyn and enjoy the Stationmaster’s Art Gallery exhibition and other History Festival events happening in town.

Presented by Stationmaster's Art Gallery