Parnaroo Hall, Adrian Polomka.

Commemorating Parnaroo Hall and the People of the Hundred of Parnaroo

To celebrate the Parnaroo Hall, the people of Parnaroo and their place in our history, this event will be held on Saturday 27th May at 1 pm.

The wool store once owned by Alexander McCulloch was purchased by the people of Parnaroo in 1906 and used as the focal point of community life until 1986. It was used for weddings, funerals, christenings, engagements, birthdays, farewells, dances, electoral voting and welcome home events. So many memories and so much history. Pavers of the many names collected of those who lived on the Hundred of Parnaroo are laid in front of the hall and will be opened on the day.


Presented by Peterborough History Group