Friends at South Australian Railways migrant work camp, c. early 1950s, Otto Tarmet (on the right in the photo).

Collecting Stories From Migrant Work Camps

Migrant work camps in the post-World War II period housed displaced persons and special project workers from South Australian industries ranging from railways, water, and forestry to wineries, cheesemakers, and hospitality. The experiences of new migrants in these settings was mixed, with many reporting considerable isolation and poor conditions, while others formed long-lasting bonds with those in their camp and the local community. We know very little about this critical period in our history, as memories and stories have not been well-preserved. This interactive event will allow you to share your family’s work camp stories along with photos or objects, and will permit you to learn how to access available historical resources at the National Archives of Australia.

Presented by National Archives of Australia (South Australia) and Department of Historical & Classical Studies, University of Adelaide