Centennial Park Front Gates1938, Centennial Park Records.

Centennial Park: The Wonder of History

Centennial Park was founded in 1936, 100 years after the proclamation of South Australia. In its 87-year history, Centennial Park has seen many changes and developments.

In this 90-minute guided walking tour, learn how Centennial Park became a trendsetter and influenced cemetery development throughout Australia as a garden or ‘park like’ cemetery. Discover the Park’s historical timeline and learn how we have adapted over time to meet the changing preferences of burials, cremations and funerals. 

We’ll visit the resting places of some prominent South Australians; hear their stories and the impacts they made on the cemetery’s growth. 

Each attendee will be provided with a copy of At The End Of The Road by Robert Nicol to take home.


Presented by Centennial Park Cemetery